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Aceves Adventure #18

I know it’s late I’m mostly posting our December 16th newsletter so I can have them all in one place. However, in case you missed it you get another chance to view it here. We are almost ready with out next video that shows what village living was like.... read more

Update & Prayer Request!

Thank you for your prayers ! We have landed safely in Australia and made it to Cairns.  We have about 24 hours here and then we will be flying on to PNG!!! We have a prayer request: When we left, Danny’s dad had just had surgery.  He is suffering from... read more

Aceves Adventures #17

The News: Well it’s here we have a date to leave the country! Read below to find out the details: Aceves Adventures #17 Many thanks for your prayers and for being on this journey with us: this is only the... read more

Aceves Adventures #16

Aceves Adventures #16 Thank you so much for praying for our family! Here is our latest update and letting you know where we are at. Aceves Adventures... read more

Aceves Adventures #15

Aceves Adventures #15 is here! (We know you’ve been waiting) Read it to find our our next steps, what and Who we are waiting on, and where we are going soon. Aceves Adventure #15 *Quick note, somehow yesterday I put an old link above.  It is fixed now and you... read more

Almost There

The title say’s it all, we are almost there! Inching towards 100% thank you for praying and for walking this journey with us. Almost... read more

It’s so WEIRD

I’m not saying I’m weird, or my family is weird (which we are and I am) that’s not what this post is about. It’s about how weird it is to be in a space where we are saying good bye without having all our future in place. Logic and the world... read more

Aceves Adventures #13

Here is our latest adventure! We are at 94%…we only need $377 more per month and only 10 days to be fully funded! If you have been thinking about becoming a financial partner, now is the time. There are a few spots left, come and join our team! Aceves Adventures... read more

Aceves Adventures #12

Here is our newest adventure, just click below: Adventure #12 If you are in Northern Ca and would like to have us share with your church, home group, sunday school or just some friends at your home please let us know. We are always excited to share God’s heart... read more

Aceves Adventures #11

God is faithful, always…but to find out how He has been faithful to our family read our latest adventure! Aceves Adventures #11 If you already partner with us, thank you! We think you will be blessed to see how God has answered your prayers... read more


“…give thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” ~Ephesians 5:20 This is a verse at the end of a list where Paul is telling us how to be wise.  First he talked about how to be children of the light... read more

Aceves Adventures #10

Aceves Adventures #10 One day we may stop numbering our newsletters but for now it’s exciting to look back and see what God has done in a year for our family. Here is our latest Adventure: Aceves Adventure #10 P.S. If you get this double (i.e. this email plus... read more

Across the Ocean

This happened yesterday! What is this?  Well it’s that STACK of paperwork we’ve been asking you to pray for.  The package got picked up today for it’s trip across the Pacific Ocean to Papua New Guinea! Please pray with us:  Our package has a swift... read more

What Are We Doing?

What are we doing?  It’s a simple question, which doesn’t always have a simple answer. While we are building our team in preparation for moving to Papua New Guinea we are doing a few things. One of those things is getting ready for Pacific Orientation... read more


So this is a mini newsletter to let you see where we are at financially. We would like to be on a plane to PNG end of June early July for our next training (Pacific Orientation Course). Our next newsletter will be out shortly. Let us know if you have any burning... read more

Will You Send?

  Like our new graphic?  Thanks to our talented cousin this picture shows just how close we are to reaching the goal of Papua New Guinea by July of 2017! If you want to help us move that plane closer to PNG please consider partnering with our Wycliffe ministry.... read more

Aceves Adventures #8

Here is our 8th installment of the Aceves Adventures! We are sending it from Arizona, where we are currently leaving, I know it’s hard to keep up… some days I even forget where I am. Thank you all for your prayers and the many ways you have encouraged us!... read more

Word of the Year 2017

This has been the year of CHANGE! At the beginning  of this year I wrote this: 2016 Word of the Year That word was CHANGE…and it has proven to be true for our family. We have been to 28 states, lived in 3, stayed in 12 (not including the 3 lived in),  a kid in... read more