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Aceves Adventures #8

Here is our 8th installment of the Aceves Adventures! We are sending it from Arizona, where we are currently leaving, I know it’s hard to keep up… some days I even forget where I am. Thank you all for your prayers and the many ways you have encouraged us!... read more

Word of the Year 2017

This has been the year of CHANGE! At the beginning  of this year I wrote this: 2016 Word of the Year That word was CHANGE…and it has proven to be true for our family. We have been to 28 states, lived in 3, stayed in 12 (not including the 3 lived in),  a kid in... read more

Aceves Adventures #7 Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving: Aceves Adventures #7 This year we have traveled all over the United States.  Been blessed to visit many friends, and hopefully we will see a few more before we leave for PNG. Here is our latest update, mostly sharing what we are thankful for. Aceves... read more

Full Circle…almost!

28 States OVER 10,000 miles Lot’s of friends, family, a few potty accidents later and we have finally made it back to San Diego! God had been so faithful to us on our journey.  In some way’s I feel like we’ve just ended an epic quest.  However... read more

One Heart

During our last class ICC (Inter-Cultural Communications) we had the privilege of worshiping with a non-english speaking church.  We were honored to be with the Hunman (One Heart) Korean Church in Charolette, North Carolina. This church was small but their hearts were... read more

Across America…again!

Well if you’ve been following us for a while you know we packed up and drove across America from San Diego, CA to Waxhaw, NC in February.  That trip we went south, this time going back to CA we went North. We were able to connect with friends, and drove through... read more

Aceves Adventures #6

Here it is hot off the press! I’m trying to finish all the computer work so I can get it packed up today. I will also try to tell about our latest training and post pictures of our trip BACK across America here. http://eepurl.com/cgMv05... read more

Aceves Adventures #5

It’s that time again…another adventure for our family! Catch up on our families adventures and see where we will be going in August.  Our gnome will be traveling with us again as we make our way across the U.S.A.  Follow to make sure our gnome will make it... read more

Spring has Sprung

Spring is here, and it’s beautiful…as always. I mean it brings allergies with it but, other than that it’s great! Here are the lily pads at the pond that we can see outside our window: Doesn’t this remind you of Monet’s pond that he... read more

Hello Again

Hello Again hello…I just called to say Hello.  Any Neil Diamond fans out there?! I just wanted to post pictures and show a little bit more of what has been happening in our daily lives out here. Read on at your own risk (my feet will be one of the pictures).... read more

Aceves Adventures #4

Here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for: another newsletter!! Aceves Adventures #4 Have fun, read, catch up and enjoy! As always, please ask any questions you need to. Call, text, email, or Facebook message either of us or leave a comment here as well.... read more

Feel The BURN!

No this is NOT a political statement! It’s about a mom, who isn’t used to the electric stovetop and has burned many things while here. In about 40 days time I’ve melted a plastic spatula to my FAVORITE pan (which also burned). I have started the... read more

One month…How we got here!

  It’s been a month since we arrived in North Carolina! Wow, in some ways it has gone by fast…but slow. I’ve thought a lot the past few days just about HOW we got here. What had to happen for it to be possible to get in the car and drive off to... read more

The Last Days…New Beginnings

We have had many “last days” recently. Daniel had his last day of work. We had our last day with our church family (well for a long time). Last day in the home that we grew up together, brought all our babies home to, had laughs and tears and many good... read more

Word of the Year

Do you have a word for the year?  Some people do this to help them have a certain focus for a year.  I haven’t always done this but last year my word was: CHANGE!  Boy did things change, we got accepted to JAARS and Wycliffe, started training, building a... read more

Aceves Adventures #3

Click below to read about our newest adventures! Aceves Adventures If you want to keep up with our adventures you can click SUBSCRIBE at the end of the newsletter. I am still new to this, so if you’ve given me your email and I’ve missed you please be... read more

Aceves Adventures #2

Merry Christmas Our second newsletter…we are still trying to get the hang of this over here so please be patient with us! Who knew I’d be learning how to use multiple computer programs…really not my thing. I’m so thankful for those in my life... read more