Happy Anniversary!

2 years

6 months

3 months

February 28th

On this day 2 years ago we pulled into JAARS to begin aviation orientation at 7am the next morning!

We’ve been in country (PNG) for about 6 months.

We have been in Ukarumpa for 3 months!

Looking back over the past two years I see God’s faithfulness.

There were so many times that were so hard we often prayed, “God, is this really what you want for us?”

Each time He answered back yes.

6 months ago we spoke no Tok Pisin!

Now we have our was mama and was papa (our PNG guardian family) coming to visit us here in Ukarumpa.

While they are here we will speak in Tok Pisin exclusively!

Not to say that we are fluent but the fact that we can have conversations and feel somewhat comfortable says a lot by how good our training in country has been. Also how hard we have been trying to keep up with our language skills.

3 months in Ukarumpa.

It’s funny; I used to dream about what life would be like when we FINALLY got here!

It often felt like we were coming to the “promise land” in the sense that this was it!

It’s where we’d no longer be vagabonds and be able to put down roots.

It’s where we’d be able to really dig in and start our ministry.

What I’m finding out is that even here, well especially here that there are many of the same struggles that have always been in everyday life.

What life here has made clear is this:

I need Jesus even more!

I need His grace to fill the gaps,

I need His Spirit to guide me and help me to speak clearly.

I need Him for the same things I’ve always needed Him for:

Patience when I don’t feel like giving it,

Grace when it’s not easy to give,

Being able to CHOOSE to show love when I really don’t want to!

I’m selfish, you see.

I’m a sinner.

I am no better than you or anyone.

Because I am it makes me very aware that I have a desperate need for Jesus.

I’m reminded of that hymn:

“I need Thee, Oh I need Thee

Every hour I need Thee,

Oh bless me now my Savior,

I come to Thee.”

So I am running to Jesus with my joys and sorrows.

My burdens are met by His grace as He covers me and assures me that I am His.

That He loves us.

He is working in our lives.

I can trust Him and His intentions for me AND my family.

So Happy Anniversary to us, and many more to come.

As we journey deeper into daily life with our savior here in PNG and all over the world.

Because we all need Him.