Hello Again hello…I just called to say Hello.  Any Neil Diamond fans out there?!

I just wanted to post pictures and show a little bit more of what has been happening in our daily lives out here.

Read on at your own risk (my feet will be one of the pictures).

Danny’s parents came for a visit!


It’s fun having family around and it sure made our little apartment feel more like home.

We went to the Billy Graham library.

It was inspiring to see how God used someone who started life milking cows (Billy Graham) to be a great instrument for His glory.

The grounds were beautiful and there were walking trails and we went thought the story of his life and all three kids were so great.  They earned bracelets for answering questions and we got some great BBQ afterwards.

Beware the FIRE ANTS:


These ants are for reals yo!

They are everywhere, and they mean business.

How was I smart enough to step on one of their thousands of mounds?

Well I saw a baby turtle, and being a cool mom I thought I’d get a picture of this cute creature for my kiddos.

Well I was paying attention to water and trying to stay quiet so I didn’t scare the turtle and all of sudden my feat hurt.

I was in the middle of a mound, they got under my straps of my flip flops…and OUCH.

The thing is they don’t hurt long, but they itch FOREVER!

This picture was taken a week after I was bit; they itched, bad.

Moral: Pay attention to where you walk, sounds like something my Mom tried to teach me.

Obadiah turned 3:


He made it to 3 and he wanted a Larry Boy cake.

He got a Larry Boy shirt and the Larry Mobil with Larry Boy…you seeing a theme here?

We cut cake at the park with other families who are here going through orientation as well a Nanny and Papa.

It was fun having family and friends there to celebrate these milestones.

Bella and Papa having no fun at all:


I love so much about this moment.

I think it captures how all our hearts felt having family here.

I’m learning to cherish moments and be thankful we are able to have them, not resent that they are gone.

Easier said than done some days.