Ever have a song that speaks to your soul?

A song that captures things that you never knew could be put into words?

Happens to me often.

These are the lyrics that are speaking to me currently:

“Help us not be haste when it comes to temporal blessings

And always see them for what they’re actually meant to be

A mere extension of Your love and kindness

Extended to an underserved humanity

Help us not see greater value in the gifts You give

And not become distracted from their intended desires

May we regard the world and all that is in it

As nothing compared to the satisfaction of knowing

Our Messiah”


I love music; must by why I find such comfort in the Psalms.

In fact while we were doing our last training, in my quiet time I mostly read Psalms.

I needed scripture that cried out to God; but also recognized that God is good and trustworthy NO matter what I’m feeling or going through.

That His loving kindness peruses me, holds me and His grace covers me.

Enter the song I wanted to share today:

Messiah by Beautiful Eulogy

I don’t have any affiliation with them but their music speaks to my soul often.

Lately this song grabs me each time I hear it.

Often it’s a new line that hits me.

The basic concept of the song:

My feelings, my desires shouldn’t rule my actions.

They should’t take the place of my Messiah.

I am in a place in life where I feel a LOT, and often.

In one day there can be great triumph mixed with great tragedy.  Often I have no control over either.

I also have to fight with not wanting other things, people, and places so much that I miss what I need to do in the hear and now.

Really though, I never have control over much of anything but how I choose to act and react to the world around me.

Am I going to act/react with a kingdom attitude, with patience and kindness, with the HOPE I have in my FUTURE with my Messiah?

Do I regard the world and all that is in it as NOTHING compared to the satisfaction of knowing my Messiah?

NO, I don’t.  At least not always; and that’s okay.

I recognize that I don’t.

God gives grace and as He shows me these things He also provides the power to change my perspective.

His sovereign grace is where my soul can rest.

The days I fall short, He covers me…and days like today His grace encourages me to give the things I’m struggling with.

No shame, no guilt give Him my burden, my broken ways of thinking so HE can fix me and make me more like my Messiah.

The song is linked to YouTube below:

The Song: Messiah