What are we doing?

 It’s a simple question, which doesn’t always have a simple answer.

While we are building our team in preparation for moving to Papua New Guinea we are doing a few things.

One of those things is getting ready for Pacific Orientation Course (POC).

We have a 4 month training course that starts in July.  We’ve been told we need to be in shape BEFORE we arrive.

One of the ways we are preparing for PNG is hiking.  


I know Obi looks photoshopped in but he was really there, hiking up these cool rocks with us.


The outcrop of rocks above the kids head it a butte that we hiked.  It was about 2.75mi!

We only had to carry Obi for the last 10 minutes, and by we I mean Danny.


It was uphill both ways!

Okay, it wasn’t but it was really steep going up.


Sometimes you find a cool teepee when you hike.


Or a beautiful stream.


Or a cool cactus growing out of a rock.


Whatever you find, hopefully you make some good memories.


Also hopefully you get in shape, because a 10 mile hike in the tropics with 30 lbs on my back…not sure I’m quite ready for that yet!


Thanks for your prayers for our family and your continued support.