Word of the Year

Last year my word was the same as the year before: Change

It really fit for those 2 years.

You can catch up by reading below:

Word of the Year 2017

In 2017 we moved to Arizona, found a new church, made new and lasting friends, waited for visas and finally moved to Papua New Guinea.

Talk about change.

New climate, new culture, new language…lot’s of changes.

Zeke and Bella went to school for the first time.

There was so much change often it’s hard to wrap our heads around it!

But God…

He has been so faithful (no surprise) in all of the change.

So I’ve been thinking about a word for this year and honestly I don’t have one.

It’s not something I always do, but each year I do reflect.

The past few years of change our families verse has been:

“The Lord Himself goes before you,

He is with you, He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you,

Do NOT be discouraged

Do NOT be afraid.”

~Deuteronomy 31:8

In fact I wrote it on our white board in our house when we first arrived in Ukarumpa!

This year I don’t have a word so much as a verse, it’s like a new song in my heart:

Psalm 130

All of it.

Yet one verse really spoke to me:

“I wait for the Lord, my soul waits and in HIS WORD I put my hope.”


So this year my focus is on the fact that my hope is in His Word.

This year will be a year of new things for us,

Some will be harder than others.

But God…

I can ALWAYS find my hope in His Word.

That is my intention for this year.

So what’s your word; or thought, or intention for 2018?