I’m not saying I’m weird, or my family is weird (which we are and I am) that’s not what this post is about.

It’s about how weird it is to be in a space where we are saying good bye without having all our future in place.

Logic and the world will tell us things like:

Have all your money together before you apply for visas for another country.

Don’t buy things to pack, if you’re not sure how/when you will go.

Don’t tell people you’re going somewhere when you yourself aren’t sure of how and when it will work out.

But God…

His economy is different.

His ways are not my ways.

I’m sure it was weird for Noah to build an ark, when there was no rain.

I’m sure it was weird for the Israelites to walk around the walls of Jericho instead of attack.

It was weird for Jesus who knew no sin to die for us…It didn’t make sense for Him to get on that cross. To give us what we don’t deserve, forgiveness, freedom and grace.

With God seeing is NOT believing and faith comes from not seeing and STILL believing.

So we take baby steps of faith, and it feels weird, even awkward.

Like a child’s first steps.

Because we are in these bodies, in a world where sin has entered and God’s ways can feel awkward.

God’s way’s often go against logic.

God’s way’s call us out of our safe and comfortable paths and put us in often difficult paths.

But the views from that difficult path are amazing.

His peace and love and joy on that path are fulfilling.

Once you’ve taken steps on that path, your feet aren’t comfortable on the old paths the way they used to be. ¬†Even when we find our way back to old paths His loving kindness calls us back to His paths.

So life is weird:

When we travel, where is home for my family?

We are living in a space where part of our future is so unclear.

We know people all around the world are daily praying for us…

We know that God will come through in awesome and mighty ways…

We know that no matter how weird or awkward things feel, God’s way IS the best way and worth every difficult step!

Thank you for loving on, and praying for, and walking this journey WITH us.