What is the church?

Is it the time we go to church on Sunday, hear a sermon, worship corporately and go to Sunday school?


Is there more to than just that?


The picture below is the church too.

How so?

It was taken about 2 hrs before we (our family) were needing to be at the airport to move to PNG.

21167694_10159745242355497_6166157373130851744_oWhat are my friends doing to my feet?

Being the church.

I had this toe nail polish that just wouldn’t come off and I needed to trim my nails before I went.

They were not pretty.

Yet my dear friends jumped in.

They helped to clean my toes and get that last little bit done so we could go.

This is the church.

Jumping into lives when it’s inconvenient.

Doing the jobs that may not be the prettiest.

Allowing others to serve us because we just CAN’T accomplish it all on our own.